Those bluuuuue days..

The last several days have been quite “blue.” One of the teaching partners in my group as well as my beloved roommate, Bayo, has to leave us to join a mandatory military training for three months.


The military training program stopped twenty years ago and was re-opened this year. The program targets students who just graduated from high school and took the college entrance exam. If they achieved a score mark of Division I and Division II or if they are science students and passed Division III, they have to go through the training in order to go to college. The program take place three times per year and choose people randomly each time. Unfortunately, Bayo, with several other teaching partners, got chosen this time.

(There is a link to a in-depth report about this program: Tanzania Set to Revive National Service Programme. Surprisingly, as i searched about it all over google or baidu, a Chinese research engine, I can barely find any international report about the news.)

Bayo got the news about a week ago. At first, we all were mad and confused. Then we decided to just roll with what we have. We calmed ourselves down and did all the preparations we need. I started to really learn Swahili. After Bayo left, I am going to live all by myself in the village. Now whenever I sit down in the house, my host family would start teaching me Swahili. (It starts to be a language course now. CMC should give me credit for thisJ.) We even pulled a little gimmick and threw a secret going-away dinner party in my house. We paid our mama a little bit to buy some sodas, meat, pasta, and chips-my-eye. All of us ate together in my house. That night turned out to be a huge blast! Party in Ayamango!



(When Bayo left)


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